Looking Back…

Suddenly, it is Sunday evening! The afternoon has melted into a darker sky and cooler air, and I cannot pretend it is afternoon any more! Half past six, time to think about dinner, and then a bath, and then my first day back at work after what has been a wonderful week off.

I have had more adventures than I have had time to blog about! I had the most amazing massage and facial at a day spa, which involved orange oils and herbal pommanders, have been to London for Stitch and Craft at Olympia where I bought the wool and pattern for a new tea cosy, and was given a pattern for a ‘keep calm and carry on’ cross stitch, which I hope to start later on. I have had dinner at my in-laws, and a day at the zoo. Today I have been to the cinema, and had brunch at Cafe Rouge.

After a slightly wibbly start on Monday and Tuesday where I felt the solitude stray into the ‘lonely’ area once or twice, I really hit my stride and have enjoyed filling my days. I have not watched as much Ballykissangel as I hoped, nor knitted as much as I thought, and I still have not got round to properly pinning down my ideas about menu planning, but I have had a lot of lovely adventures, and also discovered some lovely new blogs along the way. We have decided that we are definitely going to move this summer, and although we will be renting rather than buying, I feel really excited about that. We have outgrown our little flat and are ready to move on, and I am glad that I feel like this, because I was afraid I was going to be terribly sad! I have started to look at potential properties and places on the internet…isn’t it a wonderful tool?!

I suddenly feel very ‘homely’. I think that perhaps before my week off my mind was too much on my job and the uncertainties there. I feel like a bit of balance has been restored. All I want to do at the moment is create and care for my home, do my job at work, have happy quiet moments with friends, read, craft, cook, breathe, enjoy life.

Now, I am off to cook some dinner (chicken in a light curried sauce with vegetables, topped with a savoury oaty crumble, courtesy of the WI market!) and then it is a long hot bath for me, with the new edition of Sainsbury’s magazine. Wherever you are, I hope you are having a lovely Sunday evening!

Love, Mimi xxx


One thought on “Looking Back…

  1. I know you must hate to see your week off come to an end. It's good you spent your time having fun instead of blogging about it, though I'd love to read about your adventures. Moving is always exciting I think. We are looking for a house to buy and are being very picky. I wish we could find one and soon.

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