Spring Beauty From 1934

A few months ago, I visited a new vintage shop that has opened up in town. I like that the shop has a nice mix of actual vintage goods and vintage inspired goods, and even a few handmade things sprinkled in, but I must be honest and say that the customer care and whole experience isn’t up to much (you get a far friendlier welcome at Truly Madly Vintage the other side of town.

Anyway, just down a little alley is the shop, and in the shop I discovered a lovely book, Home Management from 1934, published by the Daily Express. As well as countless articles on running the home, cooking for your family and hobbies, there is a beauty section. I love vintage beauty tips! Here for your enjoyment, are the recommendations for Spring Beauty:

Everyones skin suffers during the winter months. Smoke from cosy fires, fog, and a heavier diet are all enemies to the perfect complexion. Open-air exercies isn’t so easy, and oru skins are bound to suffer; blackheads flourish, too, in hot, stuffy rooms.

A Good Spring Clean

Give your face a spring-clean. Get an ounce of fuller’s earth, and mix it to a soft paste with a little boiling milk, then before the mixutre has had time to cool, rub it well into the skin with the finger-tips – be very thorough over the cleanisng of your chin and nose, where the skin is thicker and impurities lie deeper in the pores. Rub until the face is quite dry, then rinse the face in warm water.

Keep Your Skin Spick And Span

Once you have got your complexion perfectly clean, you must keep it so. Wash frequently with soap and water. A change of make-up is often a good thing in the spring months, when the light is stronger, and cold winds often whip more colour up into the cheeks. If you have been using a light ‘naturelle’ powder, try a ‘Rachel No 2’ it gives the skin a lovely creamy tone.

Care For Your Hair

It is excellent for the hair to go hatless in the country or on the golf links, but if you want it to look its best, it needs a little special treatment at this time of year. Nourish the roots with almond oil. This is an excellent preventative of greyness. Almond oil is best applied warm. Be quite lavish with it, and massage the whole scalp until it glows and tingles. Then rub off the excess of oil with a Turkish towel, and brush your locks until they are smooth and shining. Don’t shampoo immediately, but allow the skin on the head time to absorb the oil – three days is generally sufficient for this.

Now I must confess that I am not so very keen on walking round with oily hair for 3 days, but a good deep face scrub and a deep condition sound just the thing to me. The new issue of Making Magazine has a recipe for facial scrub in it that I might just whip up later – it has oatmeal, yoghurt and evening primrose oil in it and a few other things too i believe, which is just perfect as I have all of those things!

Now the daffodils are dancing about, even though it is still very chilly and blowy out, it makes me want to spring clean myself a bit…go through my wardrobe, find a new shade of red lipstick to try. I am also thinking about a hair cut…nothing too drastic as I have spent ages growing it long, but I fancy something like the picture at the top of this post…what do you think?
What will you be doing to get yourself ready for spring?

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