Spring is in the Air!

I had planned to spend the whole day at home today, to knit as I cannot work on my crochet at the moment, to putter about and do nothing very much. We always sleep with the window open, even if it is just a crack on the coldest of nights. Well all I can say is that spring must have been in the air, becuase I was not in the mood to laze about!

Instead, a brisk trip into town, to return library books and run a number of small errands. In Marks and Spencer I discovered a wonderful scented candle called Cut Flowers, which smells exactly like a bunch of freesias. I treated myself to the candle, the room spray and the essential oil. I also bought the ingredients I need to make Rolling Pin Ravioli, a recipe from ‘Less Meat More Veg‘ by Rachel de Thample. I will let you know how it goes! I was most pleased to see that all I needed to get (in addition to what I have in my store cupboards) was a butternut squash, some butter, and some sage! I will let you know how the recipe goes later!

Back home and all the windows thrown open to let the air in, although it has cooled down now. The bed clothes put on to wash, the hoovering done, and the bedroom mostly turned out.

As I brush my hair by the open window in the bedroom, a grey squirrel bounds across the garden. He used to be afraid, and any time I went to the window to watch his acrobatics, he would scamper away up the nearest tree. Now, when I go to the window and open it and take out my mirror to do my makeup, he bounds out and performs for me!

Maybe tomorrow will be a sit and knit day instead…


One thought on “Spring is in the Air!

  1. I love a day like that–when all is airy and light and instead of staying in as planned I head out. It is exhilarating isn't it. No signs of spring here today, though yesterday was fairly nice. We have another dark, cold rainy day…and I'm trying to adjust to the time change which doesn't agree with my body clock.

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