Little Vexations and Happy Pleasures

Oh dear, the end of the world has come, the sky has fallen down! Almost literally! With a week off just started, I have borrowed from the library a stack of dvds, and have got myself all set for lots of crocheting on my ripple stitch blanket. Except….I am about five inches from the end of a row, and have run out of wool. Not such a big problem….except when I went to the market on Wednesday to buy some more, the wool lady was not there. Thursday I could not go as I was in my library at the top of the hill, and Friday I could not go because a friend left work and I had lunch with her to say goodbye. Not to worry, I thought, and sallied forth this morning, only to find that a bit of the roof has fallen in, and the market is closed indefinitley! So I can’t carry on with my blanket, and I am really in the mood too! I may have a look on ebay for a ball to keep me going for now….but oh dear!

The second vexation came just now, when I picked up my phone, which is only a month or two old, and somehow dropped it straight into my cup of tea! It shut itself off right away and I now have it drying off in the hope that I may be able to get it working again later.

So for now, I am sitting on the sofa with the windows open to let in the beautiful (if slightly chilly!) spring air, which carries with it the scent of the masses of cream daffodils that I have in a vase opposite me. Perhaps I shall pick up my knitting instead, but as they say bad luck comes in threes, I am a little nervous! It is a 24 row lace pattern, so perhaps I should not be tempting fate!

Last night, I went to London to see Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera. I have quite mixed feelings about it…it was well acted and the visual effects were amazing (the stage revolves and there are lots of moving images projected on to screens) but after half an hour or so I began to think that perhaps they were relying just a little bit too much on technology…and I wasn’t so sure about the storyline either, or setting it on Coney Island. Still, a happy evening spent in a theatre with friends is a good evening, even if there were one or two little things to pick at in the play!

Other little happies today….fresh pineapple, the most perfect cup of tea, a new copy of Good Food magazine, and a trip to the cinema later!


One thought on “Little Vexations and Happy Pleasures

  1. I too believe bad things happen in threes. We had a death in the family, then found out our daughter in law has a brain tumor. I was thinking 'what will the third be?' when I promptly got a pill stuck in my throat I'd swallowed. Being enteric coated it took 10 minutes to dissolve enough to move on down. I was in quite a panic envisioning a trip to the emergency room. When all was 'well' I decided it did indeed count as number 3 so the bad stuff is finished for the time being.

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