Spring Is In The Air

Time seems to be swirling around me at the moment, as though I am a pebble in a stream, and the hours and minutes eddie and flow about me, bubbling and flowing. I want to talk about the glorious day that was last Tuesday, but somehow it feels years away already…and today, it seems to have skipped by in the blink of an eye, but I have got so much done! Sometimes it feels as though I live at work, and yet today, on my first day of a rare two-days-together-off, it seems as though work was a lifetime away. Edison explained relativity as ‘when a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and it’s longer than any hour. That’s relativity!’ I know of course that time is a constant, but there does seem to be a strong sprinkling of relativity going on these days!

Now, back to last Tuesday. I can’t even begin to tell you what a glorious day it was. Not for any unusual happening or special event, just because when I opened the curtains, the sun was shining! The birds were singing! My hair sat just so, and my new (from the thrift shop) cardigan was the perfect match for the silk flower in my hair. I had the whole day at my little library on the hill, and as I got off the bus, I noticed that in the grass bank opposite the library, there were tiny pin-pricks of gold. On closer inspection, the crocuses are not yet out, but are definitely on their way! I think that the cold weather we have had this year has delayed the spring flowers, because I have not seen daffodil shoots yet. The air was fresh and sweet, and the breeze almost warm. When it got to lunch time, I walked across the grass by the duckpond to the tea shop, and did not need a coat! I know it is February, and it is entirely possible that we may still have snow, but I feel as though I have just seen the smallest peek of her petticoats, and those petticoats are spring!

The beautiful weather had brought out a great many people from the village, so there was nearly no room for me to have my lunch. Happily a pair of ladies let me share their table, and I sat with my pot of tea, pate and toast, and read another Patricia Wentworth novel for a happy hour.

When I got back home that evening, I felt slightly tired, as I often do from my day up on the hill, but also as though all my cobwebs have been blown away. I feel like I can face the rest of the cold, dark days, now I have had a reminder that spring is on her way!

(And true to form, dearest readers, the very next morning when I opened my windows, it was to the pitter patter of rain drops!)


One thought on “Spring Is In The Air

  1. What a glorious day. I love tea rooms, but they are far and few between in my part of the world. The whole idea of the English tea time is wonderfully soothing I think. It's not about eating so much…it's about ritual and comfort and calming the inner being I think.

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