Daily Rhythm

I think I have mentioned before the habit I have of saving newspaper clippings, magazine articles and photocopies sandwiched in amongst the leaves of my books. Well when I opened my sunglasses case this morning, a scrap of paper fluttered to the ground. When I examined it, I realised it was my horoscope from last summer some time! I am not into astrology in a big way, but I do like Jonathan Cainer’s stars, I think of them as a kind of personal weather forecast. Anyway, in this scrap that I had saved, he talked of new beginnings…how new years are new beginnings, but how nature offers us many more- every sunrise, every sunset, even every breath in and out we take can be a new beginning. I remember why I liked it so much at the time, and I am glad that I saved it. When I read it this morning, it set me thinking about new starts.

I am about to go through a big upheaval at one of my jobs which I know is going to mean a new start for me in one way or another. Of course I hope for the best, but you never know. Still, I am trying to look at it as a new start rather than a sad ending, and I don’t know what the outcome will be yet. Also, it being a new year, I have got some new years targets and resolutions made. One of which is taken from a puttery treat over at brocante home, in which Alison suggests making a list of 12 books you would love to read this year, and buying them or ordering them from your library. Of course, me being me I will be borrowing them, and on my tea break at work this afternoon, I started to think about all the books I have heard of recently that I would like to read, and started to make my list. There really is no better place to spend a rainy afternoon than in a tiny village library, with the tip tap tapping of rain on the windowpane making you glad to be indoors. Knowing that there are thousands upon thousands of books just awaiting your command to flit to your side, ready for enjoyment. I definitely want to read the new Sarah Ban Breathnach title, Peace and Plenty, and I think I want to read another Dennis Mackail, although not sure what. I want to spend a bit more time choosing my titles…but if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Somehow the pitter patter of rain entered into my consciousness, and I found myself almost swaying along to it as I shelved shelf after shelf of books this afternoon! It made me smile, and got me thinking about the pattern my days have fallen into recently. Isn’t it wonderful to have a pattern to your days again, after the delightful upheavals of Christmas and New Year?

Every morning, I wake to The Today Programme on Radio 4, and lay in the warmth and the dark for 20 minutes of so until my lovely husband brings me a cup of tea. Then I get up and make our packed lunches and breakfasts (today was pear porridge, delicious!) while he washes and dresses. We eat together, and I send him off to work with a kiss. Then it is my turn to ready myself for the day, and walk to work. While I am at work, I enjoy it, but also quietly look forward to our evening. I get in first, and put the kettle on, then get the dinner ready and have a little potter about. Unless it is snowing or raining, I will fling open every window for as long as I can, before shutting them and lighting some candles. When Carl comes home, I always always say ‘welcome home!’ and then we share our dinner. Afterwards, one of us washes up while the other has a bath, then the other one has a bath. While the baths are happening, our electric blanket is on warming the bed, and we go to bed with our books and snuggle in the warmth.

Simple days, but blissful. I like the routine, the regularity. Of course, we don’t do this every single night…I go to a stitching club every month or so, and a book club every month, and a friend comes to tea each Monday….but this is the every day fabric of our lives.

Wherever you are this evening, I hope that life for you seems to be beautiful ribbon on a spool that you can’t wait to unfurl. A big thank you to the lovely Dinah…your comments have made me feel so glad to be back here and posting again! And a warm good evening and best wishes to all of you.

love, Mimi xxx


3 thoughts on “Daily Rhythm

  1. You're back! Awesome! I love your blog, the way you describe things I can see them clearly in my head. That's a gift most people don't have, I look forward to reading more.

  2. Your day sounds wonderful..I love your rituals…they create the fabric of our life don't they and so often are overlooked. My day has a rhythm of its own but is bland in comparison, because, I think, there is for me a charm and romance of everything British.

  3. Nice to see you back again.I enjoy your style of writing so much, you conjure up such wonderful pictures.I hope blogging again is one of your Resolutions!!Happy New Year.Jackie

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