Lovely Labels

When I first started blogging, I didn’t know about Labels. I suppose it could be argued, that I still don’t. I vaguely knew that if I used labels, people searching the internet might find me. So, when I wrote about a lovely snowdrop walk at The Gardens of Easton Lodge, I knew to put that in the labels to help people find me. But…I had not realised how messy it makes the word cloud on my blog, to be too detailed in my labelling. So I have sat down with a pen and paper and made a list of labels I shall use going forth. And going backwards, I am going to slooowly edit my old posts to reflect my new lables. I am rather looking forward to it, as it will be rather special to read through the last 5 years of my life!

Talking of labels, when I dropped into Waterstones on my way home from work, I found that Cath Kidston has published a little book of sticky lables. So pretty! Also, Lakeland are selling pretty labels to stick on jars of homemade jam. There is something rather lovely about a well written label.

It is that back-t0-school thing again! Some of the labels I will be using are fairly self explanatory, such as ‘fabulous friday’ or ‘rainy days’. Here are some of the others:

Table For Two to cover posts about dining out and culinary adventures away from home.

Ripping Yarns in which I will talk about my adventures in knitting and crocheting.

Cooking Up A Storm is where I will share recipes with you.

Delightful Days Out will cover all my little adventures out in the big wide world.

In My Shopping Basket is where I will share lovely purchases, and hope my husband does not read this bit too often!

The Dressing Room is where you will find my ‘what I wore today posts’.

At My Dressing Table for hair and makeup talk.

High Days and Holidays for birthdays, weddings, all those lovely red letter days.

On My Bookshelf for what I have been reading and book reviews.

Mimi Makes for my crafting adventures.


One thought on “Lovely Labels

  1. So lovely to read your writing again Mimi. I will always visit your blog to see your latest writing. We librarians must "stick together" you know.Yvonnean Indiana Librarian

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