The Bran Tub Post

I love Alison’s ‘Carousel’ posts over at Brocante Home, but I didn’t want to copy her. Sometimes though, I have lots of bitty things to share that don’t really have a common theme. As I was sitting here sipping tea, it occurred to me that I could have a ‘bran tub’ post, a kind of lucky-dip round up of snippets. Imagine that these little bits are wrapped in pretty silver paper and tied with ribbon ready for you to unwrap, because that is how they are in my mind.

I stumbled across ‘From Mother to Daughter’ by Vivenne Bolton at the library the other day, and fell so much in love with it that I now have my own copy on my shelf. It is my favourite kind of book; a little bit of baking, a little bit of making, and other such things to do over the year. It is divided up into the seasons, and is a kind of housekeeping journal. Within the beautiful covers are recipes for furniture polish and handcream to patterns for knitted blankets and washcloths. For more of an idea, read the article below, and I am sure you will soon be flitting across to amazon to buy a copy!–rediscover-hand-heritage.html

One of my favourite magazines at the moment is the December issue of ‘Selvedge’. There is an article in there about making things, and it talks about handmade, halfmade and havemade. Handmade is obvious, but Have made is when you buy from etsy or folksy, and Halfmade is when you make something yourself but use ready-made components. So, think making a quiche but buying a pastry shell. Or even better, using Doves Farm Organic Bread Mixes to whip up a loaf of bread in no time. The Ezekiel mix is delicious, and even comes with a little cardboard loaf tin to bake it in. There is something deeply satisfying about being able to make bread on the spur of the moment, and with one of these stashed away in your dry goods cupboard, you will never be too far away from fresh homemade bread!

As I mentioned in my last post, milk from the milkman is one of my new favourite things. You can order up until 9:00pm the night before, and our milkman usually comes before I go out. I have, ahem, borrowed one or two old bottles for a day or two to use as vases for daffodils!

I have been discovering more and more lovely blogs recently, particularly Dottie Angel. I am sure that a great many of you will already know her, but I found a lovely tutorial about crocheting decorative coathangers…follow the link to find the pattern for yourself! I have a lot on craft-wise at the moment, but I do fancy having a go at some of these soon!

Finally, over the last 6 weeks I have loved watching The Delicious Miss Dahl on BBC2. I know she has had some bad reviews, but really, I loved her book (well books, both her novel and her cookbook) and I have loved the series. I made myself laugh when I paused it the other evening to exclaim that we have the same tea cozy!


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