A Trio of Plans for January

Over glasses of champagne, my lovely hostess and I came up with a few ideas for this new year.

The first one concerns magazines…she was musing over renewing her subscription to Easy Living. Basically both of us think it has staled lately, but just as she decides to stop taking it, it turns out a really great issue. I said that she could stop subscribing, and just try the odd issue here and there whilst investigating other magazines. Then she suggested that what we could do each month is to buy one magazine for each other, on any subject (although obviously chosen with enjoyment in mind) so that we can broaden our horizons, magazine wise. I can’t wait to start!

(While I am on the subject of magazines, I must say I have just discovered Selvedge, which looks terribly intimidating, is rather expensive, but is a fabulously good read, and much gentler than it looks. The issue I bought had a history of the sequin in it!)

The other idea comes from our annual visit to the Vitality Show. We enjoyed it last year and were saying that we enjoy the talks and classes far more than the stalls to buy from. Then she suggested how about we each choose 12 different ideas or products, and devote one month to trying each of them, and posting about them. So, in April, look out for Vitaliy Show posts!

Oh, and the third? I have started an extra blog….dedicated to a year of painting my nails red, whipping up face packs and sipping fruit smoothies in the pursuit of my loveliest year yet!


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