Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November…

I walked home this evening in the dark, with the cold nipping at my nose and a smile on my lips. I can’t help but smile when there is the scent of woodsmoke in the air, and the fizz-whiz-sparkle-crackle of fireworks going off.

There is something magical about fireworks to me, a kind of happy feeling I get, like when I read the opening section of the Lord of the Rings and read about the grand party, with fireworks. One of the things I love about them is that they are very seasonal things, and mark a particular night…although in recent years, people seem to let them off on almost any night over a month either side of November 5th itself, which I do not like!

Because it is what I think of still as a ‘school night’ we are not going out tonight; instead, later, after peppermint hot chocolate, we will go outside and write our names in the cold night air with golden sparklers. On Saturday, we are going to the village firework show, where Carl will stand behind me with his hands over my ears, because the bangs hurt them.

We will eat jacket potatoes and hot tea, and ooh and ahh, and I shall go home filled with the wonder of the magic of fireworks, and how much they can warm your heart on a cold autumn night.

They are not the only heart warming thing, though…you, my lovely readers are. When I logged on to post this, and to wish you all a Happy Guy Fawkes Night, I found such kind comments…it really does help to know there are such kind wellwishers out there, thank you. I hope that your bonfire night is extra sparkly, with toffee in abundance!

Love, Mimi xxx


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