Mimi Makes Cupcakes

One of my favourite things in the world is to bake cupcakes. They are such pretty happy things, and if they are not particularly nourishing for the body, they certainly nourish the soul! These are dense and very chocolatey; a devils foodcake base topped with chocolate buttercream icing. But don’t worry, they are not as naughty as they sound….the only actual chocolate is the vermicelli sprinkles on top…the rest of the chocolateyness comes from cocoa which we all know is ever so good for you!

For these chocolate cupcakes, take one flowery pinny, add The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook to a sunny Thursday afternoon, and mix with The Puppini Sisters on your ipod. Beat together a bowl of happiness from Marks and Spencers, put good wishes and cake batter into each cake case, and bake in a warm until the house smells of chocolate and happiness. When they are cool, whip up some icing, get out your favourite piping bag and pipe on top an unfeasibly large swirl of icing, sprinkle with sparkly thoughts and chocolate vermicelli, then present to your husband when he comes home from work! Oh, and before you open the front door, make sure you have wiped the smudge of icing off of your nose!

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