An Autumn Thursday

It is chilly at home today because I have thrown open every window in our dear little flat to let in plenty of fresh air. When my fingers got too cold to type I closed the living room windows, but it is still cold in here. In a little while I shall close them again and put the heating on for a few minutes. From the living room window, I can see the most amazing colours. the sun is shining through the trees, making the leaves seem even brighter than they are, a riot of greens and acid yellows.

The kettle is on to boil, and I am curled up with my favourite, softest blanket. I have a small bouquet of autumn leaves which I am going to arrange in a vase next to my chyrsanthemums and pumpkin on the window sill. I gathered them on the way back from the doctors this morning. I have been feeling under the weather a bit lately, and finally gave in and went when I could not take another day of headaches, sinus pain and sore ears. Perhaps I should have been less stubborn and gone sooner, because it seems that my right ear is so infected that it has perforated my ear drum…and the (very lovely lady) doctor has said that she wants me to go back to the ENT clinic with the possibility of surgery. Sigh. It is probably the right thing to do, but really? For now I am going to snuggle and read and take my antibiotics, and day dream of snuggly autumn adventures to come…


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