Dahlias, Violet Ink and Strawberry Jam

Well I must say that today has been every bit as lovely as yesterday was frustrating! I finally found my elusive keys….under my seat in the car! I got to work, and there was an envelope on my desk with a little Thornton’s box stuck to it. It was the most beautiful anniversary card from one of the library girls, and inside the box were two little heart shaped chocolates. Delicious! The copy of Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer that I ordered a few weeks ago was waiting for me, as well as a jar of homemade strawberry jam from the very lovely Apryl and her family. Apryl brought some of her jam and french stick to the Great Gatsby party a few weeks ago, and I was in transports of delight over it, so you can imagine how lovely it has been to come in from a rainy evening to sit down to a cup of tea and strawberry jam on toast.

Oh but it doesn’t end there! I was shelving some books when one of the subject specialists came up to me and asked me if I have a dip-pen. I replied that I did, and she gave me a bottle of violet ink. She had bought it to use in her fountain pen, and despite it being labelled as suitable for such a pen, it had clogged it up.

Just before I was about to go for my morning tea break, my Mum dropped in to say hello, and asked me to pick between two beautiful bunches of dahlias. One was all shades of pink, and the other bronzey oranges. Now usually I would pick pink every time, but today I was really drawn to the orange. When I asked what the occasion was, she said just because. What a wonderful reason to be given flowers!

Oh and there is more still! Did I mention that I was lucky enough to win £100 of vouchers for Wallis, Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop, Miss Selfridge or Burtons? Well they arrived, and I sallied forth to Wallis in my lunch time. As I type, I am wearing the new dress I chose….this one:


It has rather a lot more teal in it than the picture shows. I chose a necklace and earrings which go with it, which I almost never do when I am spending ‘real’ money. I can’t wait to get dressed for work tomorrow!

As if I needed anything else to make the day more lovely, on the way home tonight, I ended up sitting in one of those sideways-seats on the bus, and every now and again I saw snatches of the most beautiful pink-and-blue sky as the sun set gently. How blissful! And now, now it is time to send an email or two (sorry I have been off the radar Tash!) then it is a hot shower for me and in to bed with a nice book, cup of tea and radio 4. Oh, and the lavender pillow spray I found in Past Times the other day.

I hope that all of you have had a scrumptious Tuesday too.


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