A New Blog!

Good afternoon!

I have had one of those lovely days where you get a lot done- I have made some cookies for a bake sale at work on Monday, taken a walk to the local shops, bought some food for our little snake, had a cup of coffee and read the paper, done a load of laundry AND made a new blog!

Oh yes, a new blog! Since I have been doing more and making more, I decided I would like to keep the recipes/instructions/photos all in one place, so I have started ‘mimi makes’ which you can visit at http://littlesipsofteamimimakes.blogspot.com/

I will still be posting here, of course, so do come by and we’ll have a cup of tea together. I magpied this idea from www.ljcfyi.com where Jenny has a projects gallery which I have long admired!

I hope you are having a scrumptious Friday!


3 thoughts on “A New Blog!

  1. What a good idea – you always come up with the tastiest recipes, now I can make them too 😉 Mr. VP will be very impressed!Love,Tash

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