A Beautiful Way To Spend A Sunday

Sunday was one of those days where it was brilliantly sunshiney one moment, then grey and overcast the next; one moment it was warm, another it was raining. We still had an utterly scrumptious day though, because it was the day of the Christening of a lovely baby boy we know. The church is in a little village about a half hour drive from us, and then there was afternoon tea in the village hall afterwards.

It was such a stylish day, full of vintage loveliness, from the silver cross pram that the little boy was brought to church in, to the vintage tea cups, bunting and embroidered tablecloths at the village hall. I think the lovely thing about Christenings is that everyone seems to dress up in beautiful bright colours and happy clothes (I know it looks like I am wearing black in the picture, but it was a black cardigan over a white and purple flowery dress!), to welcome the baby. One of the lovely things about this particular Christening was that the vicar had also Christened the baby’s mum, and also performed the wedding ceremony of her and her husband. Amazingly, that wedding was five years ago, and it is already eight months since mine. Where does the time go? The wedding was at the same pretty church, and there was the same happy atmosphere of friends and family coming together to celebrate something wonderful. I do love weddings, but I think somehow Christenings are even more lovely.

When we got home, we drank cups of tea out of my birthday cups-and-saucers, and reflected on the day.

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Way To Spend A Sunday

  1. It sounds lovely. It seems we’re both surrounded by babies at the moment. And such a lovely picture of you and Carl, you both look so happy!Hope you’re having a lovely week 🙂

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