Scrumptious Day

I was shelving some books at work last week, when I had a sudden thunder-bolt of a thought. In my week off, I could have my lovely friend Anna to lunch. I telephoned an invitation, and started to plan what I could make. She came yesterday, and we had a lovely day.

She has a gorgeous little boy, Aaron, who is all gummy dribbly smiles and gorgeousness. He played on his activity mat whilst we drank coffee and caught up. We ended up swapping Christmas presents (it has been too long since we got catch up last) and she also gave me some of my favourite Liptons Yellow Label Tea which you can only get abroad, and a wonderful birthday present. Anna is one of those people who gives gifts that make you feel like she really gets you. She wraps things in tissue paper of varying shades of pink, and makes you feel so spoiled. There was Cherries in the Snow nail polish, a simply marvellous book called ‘Mother Tells You How’ based on a strip from Girl Magazine from the fifties (do check it out on amazon!) and another book, on style, by Christian Dior. Not only this, but Christmas gifts too! Cath Kidston bubble bath, bath confetti, and some eye make up in fabulous blue vintage-style tins with ‘taste the glamour’ written on them.

For lunch, we had salmon nicosie salad (nice and healthy) followed by hazelnut and walnut chocolate pots (not so healthy, but so rich and delicious!) which I made in tiny tea cups. All this was washed down with lots of chatter, and the time seemed to fly past far too quickly. Poor Aaron was teething and so a bit grizzly, but really such a lovely little boy you can forgive him some crying. I hope very much that children are in my future, and if I am lucky enough for this to happen, I hope I can be like Anna is as a Mum.

After they went home, I took a gentle wander to the shops nearby, and chose some flower buttons to make a birthday card with, and treated myself to a paper on the way home. I love to try and spot the April Fool stories!

Days spent like this, in good company with endless cups of tea and coffee are such bliss.


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