Easter Weekend

Every other year, I have to work Easter Saturday. This year, happily, is one of the years where I do not have to work, so dear Carl and I had the bliss of a four day weekend! The first half of the weekend was given over to a Seasonal Scrub; we threw out lots of clutter, cleaned and polished, and our little flat is scrumptiously spick and span.
Having got everything in order, I decided to indulge in some puttery treats. My favourite thing was decorating my windowsill for Easter. I hung some decorated eggs from the curtain pole, and in the centre, a little fluffy chick in a hot air-balloon egg. A big bunch of daffodils in the very middle of the windowsill, and then a basket of decorated eggs, a velvet bunny from paperchase, and a little chick too. I love decorating my window for different occasions. The daffodils in the picture have died, and I now have a big bunch of pale lemony-cream daffodils there instead. I love daffodils very much, and although I think of the acidy-yellow variety as ‘real’ daffodils, I adore the many variations there are.
The second half of our weekend was given over to conviviality; Easter Sunday was a snow-flecked scrumptious day spent with my family and then Carl’s. Dear, dear Carl announced that he was going into the kitchen for some time and was not to be disturbed the evening before; and I could not help telling everyone what he had been up to. He had made me an Easter egg! He blew up a balloon, covered it with clingfilm, and then painted it with layers of melted dark chocolate. Then when it set, he took out the balloon, filled it with chocolate raisins, and put it on a chocolate covered plate. Such thoughtfulness and creativity brought tears to my eyes!
On Easter Monday, we had an ‘at home’ day. The week before we let our families know that we would be at home all day with cake and tea, and they were welcome to join us at any time. This is the first time we have entertained like this, and we will definitely be doing it again! It was fun and relaxing. I made all the cakes- macaroons, scones (with little pots of jam left from our wedding!) a lemon drizzle cake, chocolate crackle cakes, and best of all, a chocolate genoise royale. If I had to pick one cake out of all the cakes I have ever made, that would be the one that I am most proud of. I had to make a chocolate genoise cake, then when it was cool, take it out of the tin, line the tin with greaseproof paper, and put the cake back in. Then I made a custard in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, and stirred in some chocolate and a splash of brandy. This then had to be poured over the cake, and left to set. I really held my breath when I took it out of the tin the next day, but happily it went ok! I wanted to take a picture of it to show you all, but it got eaten before I had a chance!
I hope you all had the most scrumptious and delicious of Easter weekends!

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