Sleepy Eyes

Oh, oh, the weekend was lovely- I have much to tell, tales of trimmings bought from Libertys, tea taken in the company of David Walliams, and much more! But my eyes are as heavy as lead- I worked till 7:00 last night and was in at 8:30 this morning, and have just returned from a trip to a place called Makro….a strange and wonderful discount warehouse style place. I have 90 washing tablets, 16 loo rolls, 160 tea bags and 48 creme eggs in my living room waiting for homes!

So tonight, instead of little sips of tea, it is little sips of Horlicks, and off to bed for me. Tomorrow I will tell you all about my London adventures.

Good night, sweet dreams!


One thought on “Sleepy Eyes

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! We did give Jenny a good soak this evening, and I hope to follow suit before bed! And I have to say…I love how you say “loo rolls”…I believe I will start putting that on my shopping list instead of “toilet paper”…much classier! :)~Tilly

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