A Book…

…some of you (Flossy! Chris!) have been so kind as to tell me that you enjoy my writing, and that you would read a book if I would write one.

Well, I will share a secret with you. It is one of my dearest dreams in the world to write a book. And since Flossy’s comment, I have been mulling ideas over in my mind. I have an idea….for a book. A Bedside Book. A book of scrumptious ideas, recipes for hot milk and ‘z’ shaped biscuits (to send you to sleep, you see….zzzzz…get it?!) and pages for you to scribble your dreams, and short stories and so many things!

I just wanted to share this particular dream with you to say thank you for your kindness! I just wish I could sit with you all and share a nice afternoon tea to say thank you for visiting!


6 thoughts on “A Book…

  1. Oh please let me know when your book is done -I will buy it too! What a wonderful idea. :)You would be the perfect person to have tea with. 🙂 Have a happy week :)crystal x

  2. I would ABSOLUTELY buy a book you write! I especially love your descriptions of your walks to work and your observations of nature. Put me on the list!Nita in South Carolina

  3. Mimi – I read your blog but rarely comment (sorry for that, as I know how much comments mean to me as a blogger). I adore the idea of your bedtime book – and I’d definitely read it, buy it and give it as gifts. Sounds just perfect to curl up with in bed with a cup of hot tea. I hope your dream becomes reality, so that we’ll all be blessed by it!

  4. Hi Mimi. I found your blog on Brocante Home and I love reading your posts.A bedtime book sounds great. Let me know if your dream becomes a reality so I can purchase your scrummy book. Good luck.Take CareMelanie.

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