A Break From Routine…

…I was awoken at an early hour this morning by dear Carl, telling me that the washer on the shower has broken, and so he was running me a bath instead of my usual morning shower.

Although I could happily live without the inconvenience of getting a plumber out, the unexpected break from my morning routine. Although I like the pattern and rhythm to my mornings, it is so easy to slip into automatic pilot and miss the details.

So this morning, I was to be found steaming away in a hot bath, which I have decided is a very pleasant way to start the day, particularly if you are feeling a little coldy, which I am. I whiled away a few minutes with my new Nigella Express book, and then sat in my dressing gown with a bowl of warm apple, plum and blackberry frangipane pudding for breakfast. At first glance, perhaps not the most healthy of breakfasts, but I really did put an awful lot of fruit into the pudding, so maybe it is not so bad after all! (If you fancy making it, and it really is scrumptious, go to http://www.countrykitchenmag.com/recipe3.html and then fetch your pinny!)

Oh, and I am pleased to say that Carl and I have been married for one month today! Hurrah!


3 thoughts on “A Break From Routine…

  1. Have been enjoying your delightful blog since stumbling across it. The recipe sounds delicious. Overwhelmed as I currently am with apples & blackberries, I think I shall definitely be trying it. Thank you. And happy anniversary!P.S. I used to live in Chelmsford.

  2. I remember in the old house that we rented – wonderful as it was, the heating didn’t work (despite us having to pay £300 a month in gas!) and as we were renting it from November to May, we got it at the coldest time possible. As the shower didn’t emit any kind of heat at all, I used to have a kettle plugged in outside the bathroom and have to boil litres and litres of water to bathe in. A morning bath became a little ritual for me, my poor husband ending up with a lukewarm (if he was lucky) shower – ack! I remember that house being so cold – it was -3ºC outside, and even colder inside! The only upside was the enormous fire, and as we were surrounded by woodland, an almost endless supply of firewood. That was the year I learnt how to start a fire the old way and keep it going for days.Congratulations on your first month – the first year just rushes by, I still feel such a newlywed, even though it’s now been nearly 15 months!

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