Introducing Mimi

Well, here I am! It was my hen party this weekend, and I had some pictures emailed to me, so I decided to share one. We went to the Gardens of Easton Lodge, (which is one of the most peaceful places I know) and shared a picnic and champagne while a jazz band played! By the time this picture was taken, I had danced quite a lot, and drank quite a lot! I am a little hesitant to show it. For all sorts of reasons, but the biggest is vanity, I think. No I do not usually have a double chin, I think! No I do not have arms that big, I think! No, I do not normally grin so madly, I think! It is that thing of the person you see in your mind not quite matching the person you see in a photograph of yourself. But yes, this is me- I am on the left, wearing the tiara, and glasses, and am with my lovely sister, who organized the evening for me. (That is not a bandana she has got on, it is a 20’s style headband!) It’s a good job you can’t see a photograph of me right now, as I have rather baggy eyes. We went to see the vicar last night to talk about our wedding service, and didn’t leave until 10:00pm!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Mimi

  1. It’s so nifty to see you, and what a lovely photo! You’re such a pretty thing – and much braver than I. I’m glad you had a lovely time, the hens night sounded fantastic – I’m jealous that I didn’t have one now!Have a lovely week – it’s not long until the wedding is it?!

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