Pictures, Ahem!

Oh dear, the best laid plans do go astray it seems!

I made it back from London, and all the way to Carl’s parents (and very sleepy I was too) whereupon we got into a discussion about serving pink fizz and white fizz at our wedding and how many bottles should be procured, and before I knew it we were home again, with not a single picture done!

Talking of time slipping away, I have been meaning to post about a glorious parcel that arrived from lovely Tash at She offered for sale on her scrumptious blog two utterly lovely crocheted flower pins, and I bought one! It arrived with a lovely note, some divine incense, and delicious raspberry pastilles, all done up in really rather wonderful tissue paper. Oh! And a lavender sachet too! So now our little flat smells heavenly, and I have a lovely new ornament as well. Hurry over to her blog, and she may have some more for sale if you are lucky!


One thought on “Pictures, Ahem!

  1. Awww, that’s so kind of you to write such a glowing recommendation! Can’t wait to see the pictures ~ hope you’re well and having a lovely day. So far we’ve had a Day Of Sunshine (I’ve marked it as a Red Letter day on the calendar!)

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