New Book!

You know, usually I like to type my posts out in Word before copying them into blogger and posting them. I enjoy playing with my words, tweaking here and there, but today I couldn’t wait to share this news with you!

Nigella has a new book coming out! Go to her website, for more. Her pea and parmesan risotto is one of my most favourite comfort foods, and her breakfast biscuits from ‘Feast’ are such a scrumptious thing to keep in your freezer!

And, look, look- I think I just posted my first picture!!
Phew, after all this, I really do need a cup of tea! As I shall tomorrow, as I am off to Wimbledon for the first time on the wettest weekend in history! If you see someone at Centre Court in a pink flowery mac sipping tea and giggling a lot, you know you will have spotted me!!

2 thoughts on “New Book!

  1. I cannot wait to see the photos you’re going to post! Woohoo! It’s about time Nigella put out another book too – I love her lemon risotto from the Nigella Bites era, and also many of her cakey items. Yum!

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