A Month Of Roses

June is the month of roses…

…so here are some scrumptious treats to take you through the month…

…go out at lunch time and choose the perfect shade of rose nail polish to paint your toe nails with when you get home tonight. (I like…)

…do you have a favourite cup and saucer to drink your tea from? Treat yourself to a box of Rose Teabags from Whittard, and sip in a quiet corner.

…go on a treasure hunt about the shops to find a scrumptious little pot (or tube!) of rose scented hand cream, and keep it in your handbag. Every time you have to wait in a queue, take a moment to rub a little in and enjoy the scent.

…go to a florist or flower stall, and pick out the prettiest bunch of roses you can find. Creamy white tipped with deepest pink? Wine red? Sunshine yellow? The choice is yours! When you get them home, put most of them in a vase, and then float a single flower head in a little vintage tea cup of water. If there are any petals that have come loose on the journey home, or a head that is looking worse for wear, take the petals and scatter them in your bath tonight.

…nibble on rose scented Turkish delight while watching your favourite black-and-white film.

And also the month of Midsummer…

…In Great Britain, from the 13th century, Midsummer was celebrated with the lighting of bonfires, feasting and merrymaking. Why not combine by whipping up a batch of scrumptious cup-cakes, fairy cakes or muffins, and sit a little indoor sparkler in the middle of all the icing?

I can hardly wait for the weekend so I can get started!


3 thoughts on “A Month Of Roses

  1. Oh 🙂 Thanks-you, for the wonderful ideas. Just painted my toes pink 🙂 And will be getting my hand lotion today :)Will get an extra to surprise a friend with. And will make tiny pink forsted cakes and put butterflies on them.

  2. Talking of roses – I’ve just posted pictures of mine! hehe, great minds 🙂 I think it will be a good year for the roses – as Elvis Costello croons, because all of ours are out very early and blossoming beautifully!Thanks for your email, will reply asap!

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