Enchanted April Tea Break

One of the things I love most about April is the unpredictability of the weather. On Sunday, I got a sunburned nose whilst watching a St George’s Day Joust, and today I had to catch the bus in to work to avoid the fat, heavy raindrops!

And happily, often the weather in April suits my mood. Today I am in the mood to blast the hairdryer under my sheets before I snuggle down to bed, to peel satsumas and eat them whilst reading a book, and to properly enjoy a rainy day. I am lucky enough that my library is in the basement of a big building of council offices. Even better, on the top floor is a staff restaurant. I don’t normally venture up there, but the view is so good, and you can see the rain clouds rolling about, so today, up I went. I planned to sip a cup of tea whilst browsing an old Country Living magazine, but when I got there I discovered they are doing cream teas! So I had a cup of tea, a heavenly light scone spread with strawberry jam and proper Cornish clotted cream. I find a proper tea break restores the spirits just as much as it quenches your thirst. Utter bliss!


4 thoughts on “Enchanted April Tea Break

  1. You have such a lovely blog it is always a treat to read. 🙂 Just watched “Enchanted April” the movie this morning while working away on some crafts using pressed flowers from my garden. Posted them on my blog. Please stop by and visit if you get a chance, have alot of upcoming fun projects that I will be posting soon……..

  2. Cream teas take me back to Devon, to my childhood and many happy days. One day, Mimi, you and I must get together and have a cream tea!

  3. On your posting below about being green. My favourite thing is to do with candles. We always burn scented candles in the evening and you know how some burn unevenly or there is still some wax left when the wick has gone. I save them all up and keep them in the barn in boxes. a different coloured wax in each box. Then once or twice a year, I melt them down and make new candles by just adding a wick, they work really well and the combination of differet fragrances can be really interesting. Try it!

  4. Hi, I have followed your blog from here in Japan and it has made me very homesick as I am an Essex girl and having lived abroad for 8 years now, I need alittle of England and home. Your thoughts and words have helped me. Thankyou.I am very interested in your wedding theme and think that it is a wonderful idea. (I have been married for 25 years now and highly recommend it). Anyway, have you seen Rebecca’s post on her blog (mypicalilli.blogspot.com)? She has some photos of her ‘village fete’ themed wedding. I thought of you when I see them.

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