Crafting In My Jammies

I am sure I have mentioned before that I have a terrible habit of magpieing. Magpieing, in case I have not mentioned it lately, is when I went to visit a friend, and saw that she had hung baubles from organza ribbon all along her Christmas window, and immediately decided that next year, I would do that! Or realised that I like receiving letters from a particular friend so much because she always uses proper black ink- and resolved to buy myself a fountain pen and find some purple ink. (So, not copying exactly- more borrowing and idea and putting my own twist on it). Or when I went read in a post over at about having pajama crafting days- which is just what I did on Monday. I got up, put on clean jammies and my flowery Cath Kidston apron, and set about making sweets for Christmas Gifts. Found darling (and very reasonable!) boxes at, and filled them with homemade: peppermint creams in the shape of holly leaves, coconut snowballs, marzipan stuffed dates, chocolate truffles, vanilla fudge, and almond macaroons. I opened the door to the postman before I realised what I was wearing…and that was before I knew I had a cocoa smudge (from the truffles) on my nose!

Do give it a go sometime- there is something particularly cozy and lovely about knowing that you are in your jammies for the whole day, with nothing to do but cook and craft and play.

Today is my last day at work before I break up for the holidays. I have taken some leave before Christmas to finish off my little projects, wrap gifts and so on, and some time off afterwards- just to play. I do not have the internet at home, so posts will be a little sparse, shall we say. But what I plan to do is to make scribblings as I go along, and then when we visit either of our parents who do have the internet, I shall update my blog then. I hope you all have a marvellous, sparkly, scrumptious, delicious Christmas!


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