A Delightful Nightmare Sunday!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that time flies when you are having fun. And what fun we had yesterday! We visited friends for December’s Brunch Club. The theme- A Nightmare Before Christmas, but it was anything but a nightmare! We were greeted at the door with a wine bottle bearing the label ‘empty tears’ and when we went down into the basement where the kitchen and dining room is, there was a skull grinning away at us, probably as he was pleased to be wearing rather a lot of tinsel! The food was quite delicious- I never got on with tofu before, but there was some really delicious home made tofu jerky that was so savoury that I have become quite converted! I ate rather more of the Christmas Tree made out of salad than I should – but dipping peppers into ‘pureed mole’ (guacamole) was so tasty! Then we had marvellous santa blood soup, followed by a chop- a play on the skeleton throwing a rib to the dog in the film – which- after lovely dessert- we watched.
And suddenly, it was time to go home. It seemed like we had only just got chatting when it was time to leave- but then I think it is the mark of a good evening when you leave wishing you could stay just a little longer.

Oops though- I very nearly gave away Carls birthday present! See how much a glass or two (or three!) of red wine loosens my tongue? The band Trivium was mentioned, and I said ‘OOooooo! Um, nothing!’ Oops. I will reveal all after December 23rd (Carls birthday) just in case he should happen past my blog between now and then…


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