Stumbling Upon Good Things

I have posted before about how other bloggers will post about something I have been thinking, or seen, or read, and also about how often fellow bloggers give me ideas for things to make, read, cook….

Firstly, I have been struck by an urge for chunky vegetable soup having visited the every lovely Secondly, I have been out on my lunch hour on a mission- Posy posted about BBC Good Homes magazine. As well as coming with a voucher for a free pack of mini baubles from M+S, it also has a free little Christmas Ideas magazine. The good thing for me is that some of the ideas come from one of my favourite Christmas books- Christmas Inspirations by Rose Hammick, and some from a book I have been pondering about buying- Creating Your Perfect Christmas. Better still, you can buy the books at reduced prices! And there is more…the magazine looks great too!

Posy has sparked another idea in my mind- you know how I am for magazines-especially the Christmas editions? Well it seems she is like that too- and she has a photo of all her magazines stacked up, ready to read. Well it strikes me I buy them as I see them, here and there, read them, buy another… Next year, I am going to go out and buy them all at once. It will cost the same, but I think it will feel much more indulgent. I am going to stack them up next to ‘my’ chair with a nice box of chocolates (Single origin from Thorntons have caught my eye) ready, waiting for me.

A lovely piece of post when I got home from work last night: the new Cath Kidston catalogue. Imagine my delight when not only did I fall in love with one of her new patterns-Lapland-but that she even does candles, paper plates, matches now! How to resist? (I probably won’t be trying very hard to!)


One thought on “Stumbling Upon Good Things

  1. The snag is I buy magazines (normally to acquire change for the bus) flick through with the intention of following up later and then I don’t go back to them. they just sit piles up in my study and at some point I can’t take anymore so I begin to go through looking for articles of interest to rip out. Perhaps I need to approach it in a more civilized manner?

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