An Aside- My Thoughts Upon Healthy Eating

I am trying to eat delicious, simple, nurturing and nourishing, seasonal food. I am trying to avoid ‘low fat’ varieties and just have less of the full fat things. For example, I picked some blackberries, stewed them lightly with apple, and stirred them into natural bio yoghurt. Rather delicious, and it felt quite spoiling.

As I discover or concoct them, recipes will follow. Perhaps I shall post the recipe for my favourite five bean vegetable chilli…

I am trying to capture a kind of vibe- part Nigella’s ‘Temple Food’ part Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s fresh-from-the-garden thing, and part Jane Clarke’s Bodyfoods philosophy. Oh, and a bit of the sheer enthusiasm of India Knight. Who has a diet book out next year that I can barely wait for, even though I am so against diets . She just writes so enthusiastically…read The Shops to see what I mean!

So far I am feeling good…

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