What I Did In My Holidays…

Oh, I have had the most wonderful week off work! Well, I say off work- I did a lot of work, just not at the library…

If you don’t know about the Seasonal Scrub, pay the lovely Alison a visit at www.brocantehome.com you won’t regret it! The Seasonal Scrub is, in essence (for me at least ) a kind of spring cleaning in the fading days of summer, to make the home ready for cozying in for autumn and winter. It needs to be warm enough that you can throw open every window in the house, and dry plenty of clothes on the line, but cool enough that you feel all autumnal afterwards!

The Seasonal Scrub is a focussed burst of cleaning rather than decluttering- so before I embarked upon the Scrub itself, I had a major throwing-out session.

Then I spent the week scrub-a-dub-dubbing, dusting, hovering, pulling out the sofa, turning the mattress, turning out the cupboards and drawers…and now everything sparkles and is tidy and clean, and home.

Such bliss! It was pretty exhausting, but it is a kind of exhilarated exhaustedness, to know that for just this moment, everything is in its place! After all the scrubbing, I got to do the fun part- choosing which ornaments and things go on display for now, which throw to put on the sofa, which oils to burn, candles to light, and music to play. I love the puttering so much…


One thought on “What I Did In My Holidays…

  1. It seems that since we got back from honeymoon I’ve done nothing but cleaning, though it doesn’t seem to look much tidier, at least I know it’s clean!Well done you – it sounds like a week well spent! 🙂 I will post the biscuit recipe as soon as I have it perfected!

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