Where Has Mimi Gone?

Oh, joy, joy, I am going to be away from work (and hence the computer, and so my blog) for a whole week.

Now I will miss blogging it is true, but I will not miss having an unfettered mind for eight whole blissful days. I have not taken a full week at once this year yet, and finally I realised, I need it. Hot on the heels of this week, I am going to book another week in early September for my seasonal scrub.

But that is then, and this is now. I have some delicious books to read. I am going to putter and cook things that require long simmers on the stove. I am going to try out some patterns from Debbie Stollers marvellous new book, The Happy Hooker (crochet!)

Dear Carl and I are venturing out of Essex, all the way across England to go to Longleat. We were going to stay in a Travel Inn or similar anonymous hotel overnight- but I pulled myself together, and we are now going to stay (for fewer pennies!) in a delightful nearby farmhouse, in the scrumptiously named village of Upton Scudamore. (Sounds to me like a Midsomer Murder town!)

So I will not be about to blog this week. But when I come back I will, I hope, have much to tell…


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