The Dress

Oh dear, oh dear. I have been so good lately. I have been buying fewer magazines. Running out of pennies to spend much nearer to pay day than in months gone by! And then…

Sunday happened. I had seen an advert in our local paper to say that one of the wedding shops was having a sample sale. Sale! Wedding Dresses! How could I not go?

Of course not to buy, of course only to look. I was after all, if not hung over from the beer festival ( I didnt drink that much!) certainly not my best. And it is far too soon to buy a dress now for next August. Isn’t it? But I thought a sale would be a good time to go and just have a look, maybe try a few on. I even had dear Carl come with me as I was so sure that I was just looking.

In we went, and I immediately saw two dresses. One, called Honey, was a gorgeous cream colour, with a bunch of fabric flowers at the waist. The other was a brilliant white with tiny blue beads across the bodice. I tried the brilliant white one on first. It is so odd, trying on wedding dresses. You stand there with no dignity in your underwear, and they drop it over your head, then you swim up through it towards the light- almost like changing a duvet cover. And oh, that dress! It laces up at the back, and suddenly, this tiny waist appeared! My stomach disappeared! It was magic. I stepped out of the changing room, and I really did feel like all those cliched sayings say that you will. I did try on Honey- but she did nothing for my skin tone, and made me feel all lumpy and bumpy. I tried the dress on again. I felt like if I did not lose a single ounce, I would still feel fabulous. I looked at Carl. He looked at me.

An hour later, I was laying our wedding dress in the only place in our flat that it will fit (not because it is a meringue! It is full at the bottom, but our flat is petite, and rather filled with books!)- our bed.

Should any of you fancy a peek- go to and my dress is in the bridal section, 1584 (not the price I hasten to add! Just the design number. Wouldn’t you think that they would give them lovely names, and not numbers?)


9 thoughts on “The Dress

  1. Oh wow, oh wow! That is the most beeeeeautiful dress!! I love it. I wonder how many times you will try it on before next August 😉

  2. Beautiful dress! How wonderful for you. Just think, that’s one less thing you have to worry about – you can boast about how organised you are 🙂

  3. Hi SweetieJust putting the final touches to your package and hoping to get it off to you tomorrow. I do hope you like it, I have agonised over this so much you wouldn’t believe. I so want to get it right for you and for you to feel truly spoilt.D x

  4. Well done in finding one you like – that’s often the hardest part! Speaking as a newlywed myself (!) I can definitely advise preparation in advance – it’ll make your life easier on the day!

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