Abundant Seasonal Riches

Oh, the utter bliss of the fruit and veg man on the market!

We had not been able to get to the farm shop this weekend, so I popped into our market at lunch time. Everything came in brown paper bags with the tops twisted over, and was, I think, rather good value.

I got:

1 lb cherries, all bursting ripe and juciy
1 lb apricots, soft and tender
1 lb new potatoes
1 lb granny smiths
1 lb golden delicious
2 lemons
2 onions
3 bananas
2 punnetts local strawberries, lush and fragrant

all for £5! It seems so luxurious to just sit and eat and eat and eat cherries and apricots. Such an abundance of cherries- they had a big wooden crate heaped with them- the shades of red make such a beautiful picture. They are fleeting though- a month or so and they will be gone, so enjoy them while you can.

(Of course the supermarkets will still be selling them come December as they do strawberries..there is something unnatural about such fruits in the winter. And just because they will sell them to you at a vastly inflated price is no reason to buy them, and no guarantee of flavour whatsoever. If you must have cherries in December, buy a glut now while they are cheap, and make them into cherry brandy, as I will be doing this weekend. Then you will have cherry brandy to toast the new year with, and tipsy cherries to eat with ice cream. V. good indeed!)


3 thoughts on “Abundant Seasonal Riches

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I’m going to be enjoying some of our own seasonal riches in a pie this evening (bramley apple and blackberry – not our apples but our blackberries were devoutly frozen last year). They’ll all sit snuggly into a gorgeous pie case, perhaps with a smidgen of cream!

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