Recent Books

I have had a little more time than usual to devote to what dear Carl would describe as the devouring of books with unseemly haste!

I felt like a comfort read, so I read first ‘What Katy Did At School’ mainly for the wonderful description of the Christmas box they receive from home- it is just what a good parcel should be!

Having read that, I moved right on to ‘What Katy Did Next’ and luxuriated in the descriptions of her European travels- and enjoyed seeing England through her eyes.

Our bookclub is reading Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee by Meera Syal. For some reason I have never wanted to read it before now- but it was so good, I really recommend it. I have fallen asleep with it for several nights, and awoken to reach out and feel for it on my bedside table so I can read just a little more.

When Alison mentioned the Provincial Lady books, it struck me how much I had enjoyed it. Imagine my bliss when I discovered there were more! And that the library holds some of them! And even better, when my copy of The Provincial Lady In Wartime arrived, and I realised it was an original copy from 1940, with a faded set of library rules pasted into the back of the book, and has date stamps from the 1950’s in it! Such bliss!


One thought on “Recent Books

  1. I agree with the “little and often” concept but Im afraid I dont always blog every day either. Sometimes because I feel I dont have anything to contribute and other times because duties dont allow me the time. Either way its so nice to catch up on a heap of news….Hugsss

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