A Package Of Pleasure

http://www.dailyparcels.blogspot.comAs I skipped out of the house to work on Thursday, the lovely postman pulled up in his van. I had a sneaking feeling, a little flutter of hope that it might be for me! And when I got home- it was! My Seasonal Care Package from the lovely, lovely Kristy http://www.vintagepleasure.typepad.com had arrived. I had such a happy hour unpacking, I can barely describe and do it justice, but I am going to try!

I lit a candle and sat back on the sofa with this lovely box on my knee, and when I opened it, snuggly inside was a large stripey gift bag (aren’t stripes lovely?) and inside that, were an abundance of the most wonderful packages. Each one was done up in white tissue paper (tissue paper! I love sending things wrapped in tissue paper!) tied with string, and in the bow of the string was a dried rose! By the end I had enough to fill a small vase, and oh, how spoiling it was to slowly open each one, smooth the paper into a pile, and then, the gasps at the wonder of these lovely things!

Kristy had taken as her theme A Wedding Breakfast (spring..easter..eggs..breakfast…also I am getting married next year, so wedding breakfast) and I can hardly begin to describe the things I unwrapped! There was the softest, softest embroidered vintage tablecloth, a vintage juicer, napkin rings, a glorious tin covered with violets which are my favourite flower, and then inside the tin, a jar of gourmet jam, with the most wonderful cover on- all trimmed with buttons! As well as this, she has made us a wonderful monogrammed cozy each, trimmed with vintage material and buttons. Oh, and there was real proper breakfast tea, loose, to go in my pot, and so wonderful, a little pile of vintage wedding invitations, and gift tags! Oh how wonderful to read through them, to imagine the excitement of the bride as she chose her invitations, the guests looking for the perfect gift! To wonder what gift each card accompanied, to wonder if the bride and groom are still alive and happy today, even if they still have some of their wedding presents still.

So Kristy, all I can say is a heartfelt thank you to you for such a blissful package! And so much pleasure to come- I cannot wait to have my first breakfast with dear Carl using our new pretties. I cannot wait for someone to ask me where I got the beautiful tin from!

Oh! And I nearly forgot, the lovely parma violets! I crunched a whole packet while unpacking the lovely parcels! Delicious!

I am having so much fun putting together the seasonal care package for Kristy. These swaps are so wonderful- I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to open such amazing packages, and for it not to be your birthday, or christmas- just because! And equally, to plan and plot and pack a parcel of pure pleasure and frivolity! To send such happiness off through the post. I know I am gushing, but really, it is lovely!

This lovely swap was organised by the wonderful Ms Robyn http://www.dailyparcels.blogspot.com go read her lovely blog and take inspiration from her to keep our postmen out of mischief by giving them plenty of loveliness to deliver for us!



One thought on “A Package Of Pleasure

  1. Oh Mimi!I’m so glad that you liked it!I really enjoyed finding all the little pieces to put it together.I realised that you don’t put photos on your site so I took some before I sent it.I will post about it later.

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