Candle Light

I had planned on February 2nd to have a candlelit breakfast to celebrate Candlemas. It was not to be, as we were not home for breakfast. (Doesn’t that sound decadent! In fact, we stayed with my lovely fiance’s parents that night, as it was his sisters birthday, and we wanted to be there for her birthday breakfast!). Then I thought of candlelit dinner, but, we were out for her birthday dinner!

In the end, nature stepped in, or else some higher force, and our boiler died, and we were without heat or hot water. So when we got back from the aforementioned birthday dinner, we had to light a table full of candles to keep warm by!

To begin with I thought this was a nice thing, that I still got my candlelight, but now, six days after our boiler departed this life, I am beginning to tire of being cold. I still love the candles, but wish they were just a whimsical loveliness rather than necessity!

On a happier note, while I was having a potter and a breath of fresh air at lunch time, I discovered that for £1 you can fill in a paper heart with a message, and the British Heart Foundation will display it in their window. So I did a valentines message for my lovely Carl. He is coming to meet me in the library this afternoon, to use a computer, then we are going to walk home together. I have a feeling we will be walking past the British Heart Foundation shop!


3 thoughts on “Candle Light

  1. Chuckle, he did have a big grin on his face, and I did get a squeeze, and he did carry my bags all the way home! I think he would have been mortified if there had been a photo or something more identifying involved! But it is lovely walking past the window and seeing it there!

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