Seville Oranges

I came back from lunch (successful shopping- Valerian Tea for the removal of sleepless nights, a replacement address book for the one that had upside down pages, the new issue of In Style magazine, a calendar for the wall that was half price and two beautiful Victorian style advent calendars down to £1 each rather than £6.95) to find a somewhat cryptic message on my desk-

“Your Mum rang and said she has got you several oranges”

Several oranges? No,no- Seville oranges! I love the Seville orange season- it is so short it makes them really worth grabbing while you can, and they are so beautiful in an ugly, nobbly kind of way. I shall be making my own marmalade once again, and also, the wonderful Nigella Lawson recipe for Seville Orange Ice Cream. I love there being things to look forward to even after Christmas.

I seem to have hurt my knee somehow- no bruise but really painful to walk on. This put paid to my idea of tidying out my dry goods cupboard last night, and putting everything into pretty glass jars and so on. Such is life- maybe tonight?


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